Flexible season ticket petition grows

Colchester Liberal Democrats are campaigning to get a better deal for local residents who commute to work by train.

A great many work part-time or variable hours, sometimes to juggle work with childcare arrangements.  At the moment flexible workers have to buy expensive one-off tickets, or season tickets which they then waste on the days they don't work or travel.  Local Liberal Democrats want to change this out-of-date system.

Mile End Lib Dem Councillor Martin Goss said: “We want to help commuters and families by getting the rail franchise holder – currently Abellio Greater Anglia – to introduce flexible season tickets.

“These tickets would give you the option to either pay only for the days on which you travel, or to share your ticket with someone else.”

If you agree with us, please sign our petition today: http://www.colchesterliberaldemocrats.org.uk/flexible_season_ticket_petition

Martin summed up: “Our train service is stuck in the nineties.  It's time for our rail operators to raise their game.”

The franchise is up for renewal this year, so there's never been a better time to make you voice heard.  Click here to sign our petition today.