Silent Vigil to mark First World War

A silent vigil at Colchester War Memorial at 7pm on Monday next week will commemorate the anniversary of the start of the First World War on 4th August 1914.  Earlier this year the town's MP, Sir Bob Russell, held a public meeting to discuss how the centenary could be commemorated and this decided that a silent vigil would be the most appropriate.

Sir Bob said: "The meeting was of the view that it should be kept very simple, in keeping with the mood of 100 years ago which never anticipated that the next four years would see the horrors of four years of war.

"Those who gather will be able to reflect - for perhaps a couple of minutes or so - on how the peace of a century ago was ended when Germany failed to accept Britain's ultimatum to withdraw its troops from Belgium by midnight of 3rd August, and thus the official start of what today we know as the First World War."