Today is election day

You probably won’t need convincing that nobody is going to win a majority at this election.  If you want an MP with a proven record of working hard for all of Colchester's residents, please vote for me, Bob Russell, today.  Polls are open 7am to 10pm.  You don't need your polling card to vote.

From the volume of literature and previous election results, you probably won't need convincing that in Colchester it's a fight between me and the Conservatives, with the other parties out of the race.  Colchester is one of the Conservatives' 23 target seats - seats that they need to win to take public spending back to the level of the 1930s.

You may be asking yourself "Which candidate is going to work hardest as my MP, and what sort of government do I want?"

As Colchester's MP, I helped thousands of local residents through my surgeries.  I held more surgeries than any Conservative MP.  I have the best voting record attendance of any MP in Britain.  I have one of the highest rates of written and oral questions (in the top five for questions to the Prime Minister).

Over the past five years, as Colchester's Liberal Democrat MP, I've helped to rein in the Conservatives' wilder ideas and deliver our red line promises on the front page of our 2010 manifesto (the pupil premium, increase in personal tax allowances, increase green investment).  We've achieved a lot with less than 10% of the MPs.

I thought you might find it useful to know what our red lines are this time:

  • Invest an extra £8bn a year in the NHS
  • Protect education funding from nursery to 19
  • A stability budget within the first 50 days - no going back to binge borrowing
  • Increase the personal tax allowance, so you pay no tax up to the minimum wage level
  • Pay increases for public sector workers like nurses and police, so that their pay goes up at least with inflation
  • Strong leadership at this year’s Paris Climate Change talks.

These policies will be our priority if we go into coalition again.  You can find out more at

If you agree with our red lines, there is an easy way to get them turned into a reality.  Vote Lib Dem today.

I hope you'll lend me your vote this time so I can carry on working hard for our town.

Best wishes