Welcome Back Colchester

Always Here to Help


Small and Micro Businesses are vital to our local economy.  They employ thousands.  They in turn shop, spend and support others.

So it is fantastic news that the Lib Dem led Council has been able to release over £1M of discretionary business grants to another 130 businesses.

This is critically important help. To get them through this financial and health crisis.  For many this is make or break.  We are pleased to help them all, and thousands of others. and the many jobs they provide. 

We ARE here to help those in need. To help business and the many they employ and their employees to open their doors.  Safely.  With less traffic congestion and air pollution in the High Street.  Pedestrian friendly.  Covid secure. 

And to continue to help the vulnerable, supporting the thousands still being shielded, or seeking benefits advice and help to see them, their families and our many communities through to better times. 

Your Lib Dem led Council, one of the most effective in the country. We will weather the storm. Together. Alongside those we serve. Always here to help, encourage, enable and make it happen. #Welcome back Colchester

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