Levelling down - again

Honesty should matter.  The Chancellor talks of helping millions. But not the millions he hasn't helped at all. That's a part truth.   When the Tories say look at future 'tax cuts' when tax is rising. That's yet another Tory illusion. 

Conservatives talk of 'levelling up'. We ask HOW does that fit with falling living standards and rising energy bills or with NO help for those most in need, like those on disability benefits, or Universal Credit? 

A new painful and avoidable Tory 'levelling DOWN' is on it's way.  If that's clear to the Times and the Mirror - it should be for us.

Remember on May 5th - vote Lib Dem - NOT 'local' Conservatives who support Johnson's privileged 'one rule for them and another for us' Tories.  

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