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Colchester Lib Dems have started a Borough wide ‘Blue Planet - The Final Straw’ campaign.  We are asking our Councils and local businesses, as fast as they can, to STOP using non-recyclable plastics in Colchester, further INCREASE recycling and END the use of plastic shopping bags.

We believe we should act with urgency as plastics pollute our countryside, our rivers and our seas.  Non-recyclable plastics are everywhere and in vast and destructive quantities and in the animal food chain, at every level.  That is no surprise given much of our buying and shopping uses plastics and we in Colchester use millions of single use plastic bags, coffee cups, plastic straw and bottles every year.  

Colchester shouldn’t wait for bans from Central Government. We can build on recycling success, set an example and lead the way. We have asked our Lib Dem led Council to urgently review their targets for recycling, to extend recycling to flats and to take practical steps, from additional recycling bins to minimising their use of Non-Recyclable Plastics.  We know they will take action. 

We have asked businesses, of every size, to look hard at what plastics they use, in particular single use plastics and following the example of others to:

  • Reduce or STOP their use of plastic straws
  • Provide a tap for their staff or the public to fill their own water bottles.
  • Move to non-plastic cutlery
  • Provide more loose veg and fruit, reduce plastic packaging and provide ‘exit’ recycling bins for paper/cardboard/plastic etc so that their shoppers can ‘lose it’ on the way 
  • Introduce a ‘plastic bottle deposit scheme’
  • Move from plastic shopping bags to recyclable and biodegradable plastic or paper bags

We are asking residents - of every political persuasion or none - to support our Campaign and those businesses that follow it. And do what YOU can. For the sake of environment, for the health of the planet, for us all. 

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