Cleaning up - plastics - and the Pledge


The stats are frightening.  We have this one near perfect blue plant.  Yet around the globe every minute, a million plastic bottles, a million disposable cups and two million plastic bags are bought.  Far too many are discarded.  They end up in ditches, streets, rivers and our seas, and in the food chain.

Every little helps!

We can make a difference. And our Lib Dem led Council have made their own start, showing their example and asking residents and businesses to join us.

Lib Dem David King is leading, with Martin Goss's support.  David has launched the campaign asking for a personal Pledge on the Council website. 'I am delighted that the council is launching this campaign to encourage residents and organisations to be more plastic aware and commit to reducing their use of single-use plastics. I know some organisations are already taking positive steps towards achieving this.  We need more to join us in stopping their use of plastic straws, cups and bottles. Recent media about the devastating impact of plastics on our environment is striking a chord with people who are now beginning to consider the products they use and buy.

This is a Lib Dem cause. But it needs support from us all.  Make the Pledge. Take a first step towards using less plastic - in your home and work.




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