Colchester Manifesto 2019

Colchester needs a real plan to answer the public’s call for decisive ACTION, and to cut through the excuses and the fake news to deliver what they need most. We know our town and borough. We hear what the people want. We will respond and:

  • Divorce the County Council to get the powers and the money back to Colchester, to fix our broken roads and keep our libraries open
  • Keep Us Safe with yet more police officers on our streets and more robust action on anti-social behaviour
  • Deliver a New Town Centre Master Plan to make our town centre more of a destination to visit and to make the most of our public space
  • Act on Drugs and save lives by helping users to keep safe
  • Preserve and Protect our Environment tackling pollution, improving recycling and focusing on conservation of our beautiful natural habitats around the borough
  • Strengthen our Communities to reduce isolation and loneliness and build trust between communities, with better support and facilities for our young people
  • Build Civic Pride to highlight and support the best, ancient or modern, that Colchester has to offer visitors and residents
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