Deep Cleaning!



Workers cleaning the streets of Colchester Picture: COLCHESTER BOROUGH COUNCIL


Great to see action. Our MP, bless him, can call for action. So can others. Fair enough. We are united in wanting the cleanest town we can get.  But delivery needs planning, resources and determination. And it is great to see Lib Dem Group Leader Martin Goss, as the Cabinet member responsible, getting things moving! If not fast enough he'd grab a brush himself!

Bear with us. A two week 'deep clean' is well underway. New and better kit has been purchased. More staff and resource are being recruited. An external company has been brought in to help our current and hard pressed staffs. We are looking at protective coatings to make future cleaning easier. And we will look at those who win prizes elsewhere - to make sure we match the best others can do.  

More news to follow, including enforcement and education to reduce the mess, waste, litter we have to remove. But, for now, enjoy - it is already looking better!

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