Extra £1M for Garden Communities

New Money for Garden Communities

There is a huge need for new homes. Most agree. But where and how and when are divisive questions.

Lib Dem led Colchester Borough Council continues to work towards an agreed Local Plan and a way ahead that will command community support. Outline potential 'garden communities' have been welcomed in principle by many. But the scale and location has been contentious. As has been the group of planners and specialists helping us, NEGC, although they work for the Councils and government, not for themselves. 

The scale is significant and the intellectual, consultation and planning challenges are a big deal.  We need government support, help with new infrastructure, and funding to supplement what Essex, Colchester, Braintree and Tendring Councils are putting into the pot.

It is therefore great news that we have been able to secure another £1M from government to help fund this essential joint work, to try and find a Local Plan that passes independent inspection and commands widespread community support. 

Our promise: we will continue to listen, engage and consult as we work with Braintree District, Tendring District, and Essex County Councils to find the best way ahead.  

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