Armed Forces

Our armed forces deserve better and should be given the tools and support they need to protect Britain at home and abroad.

Colchester is the home to the 16 Air Assault Brigade - Britain’s airborne rapid-reaction force and a source of pride for our town. Bob knows that a vital part of being MP in the town is to support the men and women of our Armed Forces, and their families here at home.

Cuts in the defence budget are biting hard. We have no dedicated maritime surveillance, we have been without aircraft carriers for six years, our Type 45 Destroyers spend twice as much time in port as they do on duty, and our new F-35 stealth fighters have been labelled ‘a trillion-dollar mistake’ in the US.

Bob, with his extensive knowledge gained in his time working on Parliament’s Defence Select Committee, will continue to fight for the Armed Forces who make our country so proud.

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