Fighting Plastics

Join the Revolution!

Your Lib Dem led Council will make another difference this year - support for those who want to avoid one use plastics. 

Work has started on three new drinking water fountains.  At key locations, for residents and visitors, on the High Street by the area formerly known as Angels Yard. In Castle Park and by the Hollytrees Museum.

Residents are urged to use reusable bottles. Lib Dem lead David King encouraged everyone - as the BBC have with their 'War On Plastic' series - to stop using single use bottles. There are over 25 town centre businesses already signed up to the national Refill campaign. Plus our free drinking water fountains! 

They are all part of Colchester’s Plastic Pledge, to reduce the use of single use plastic items, as well as to support the national Refill campaign to keep Britain hydrated and to help prevent plastic pollution.

Lib Dems lead a very green Council - now we will do yet better - from drinking fountains to tree planting to great work on recycling.  More news and more progress - for a Better Colchester. 


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