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Help raise £3000 to re-elect Bob

The most important General Election for many years will take place on 7th May 2015.

The choice in Colchester is between hard-working Liberal Democrat Bob Russell or David Cameron's Tory candidate.  Your support could mean the difference between the two.

Re-electing Bob Russell will mean he can continue to put local people before party politics.  It will also help stop Tory plans to cut school budgets and increase town cramming for the benefit of housing developers.

That's why we are asking you to help raise a fighting fund for extra leaflets, phone calls and action days to help beat off the Tory challenge.  The Tories are funded by big business; Labour are funded by the unions.  We rely on donations from our generous supporters.

Please support Bob by making a donation.  Bob and his team are also offering extra 'perks' to supporters as our little way of saying "thank you".

If you'd rather donate using a cheque, it should be made payable to "Colchester Liberal Democrats" and posted to Colchester Liberal Democrats, Magdalen Hall, Wimpole Road, Colchester CO1 2DE.

Of course, any Colchester resident can represent their views to Bob Russell without donating to his campaign.

Donate £5

Donating a fiver will sponsor a round of leaflets to three local roads in the constituency

Donate £10

Donating £10 will cover the cost of producing 50 Bob Russell campaign posters

Donate £20

Donate £20 and we'll send you a Bob Russell campaign poster - hand-signed by the man himself!

Donate £50

Get a signed Bob Russell campaign poster AND an invitation to our post-election thank you party

Donate £100

A personal thank you from Bob and an invitation to our post-election thank you party

Donate £500

Donors of £500 or more will be invited to a special dinner with Bob Russell after the election

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