Good for the Planet - Lib Dems

Keeping faith with the spirit of Blue Planet

Sometimes our imagination is caught.

A national conversation begins, touches hearts and catches the mood. 

In wonderful uplifting ways - Come On England

Or in serious, darker ways that contrast the wonder of nature with our human ability to mess it up. So with Blue Planet showing us all the plastic pollution that is everywhere.  And the impacts that follow.

Change has followed. Your Lib Dem led Council is making changes to reduce or stop one use products - and plastic straws. And one year on from big waste changes the good news is that residents have adapted brilliantly.

Residents now recycle more than half of all waste collected in the borough. In this last year 31% less residual waste was generated.  That has saved more than 10,000 tonnes of waste going into landfill.  And we are committed to doing better. Our next steps to introduce recycling into flats. 

Group Leader Martin Goss, the Portfolio Holder overseeing this work has been hugely encouraged. 'There is still more we can do to reduce our ecological impact and live more sustainably, but this has been an excellent start'.  

We Lib Dems are keeping the faith and embedding better behaviours - across our borough - black bag by bag, plastic bottle by bottle. 

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