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We are better than most.  Unlike most public and private organisations the Government Equalities Office data reveals that our Lib Dem led Council pays more to woman than men.  The average UK pay gap is 18.4% in favour of men. However Colchester Borough Council's figures show women are paid 4% more. This reflects pay equality and that CBC provides plenty of opportunity for women at a senior level.  Lib Dem Wivenhoe Councillor Mark Cory, the finance and resources lead, said 'This is due to the ethos of the coalition, pushing for equality and inclusion.  We are also showing this through the living wage.  It means even women working in the lower areas of the Council get a good wage. And we have got a lot of leading examples on a managerial level'. Good news for all employees and a sign of a successful and fair minded employer, Lib Dem led. 

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