Hitting the Streets

Whatever the weather - Martin for ALL of Colchester

Out canvassing - hitting the streets - getting a positive 'Vote Martin Goss' message out across Colchester

What do we see? Little sign of the Tories or Labour.

What do we hear? A welcome for us on the streets. 'I can't vote for the other 2; but 'I can vote Lib Dem'. 'I could never vote for Corbyn'. 'I used to vote Blue - but not for Boris'. 

What do the commentators say? 'Colchester is a three way marginal'. 'Lib Dems can win'

What do the insiders say? 'Labour are falling away - losing members' and 'The Tories are frightened - of the Lib Dems and the Brexit Party'.  

What do WE say? 'Get out there please - lend a hand, canvass, talk to your family and friends, get ready!


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