Our Values Our People

Rallying for Lib Dem Values

We are on the streets. And on the edge. We lead Colchester Borough Council. And we want to keep doing so. 

We have a cracking Manifesto and a great set of candidates. Some great ideas. And the passion we need. But, within the week the arguments cease. Our residents decide.

We have the values that may help some residents as they decide, shall I vote and if so for who?

We are down the middle. The Mr and Mrs Reasonable. Committed to decency and to remaining an inclusive and welcoming and vibrant local Party that will welcome the help and ideas and support of every part of the community.  

We will continue to safeguard the rights of every citizen within a fair, free and open society.   We will continue to welcome new residents and visitors and all they can contribute to our attractive, vibrant and prosperous borough.

We will do our best to be the positive party. One residents can trust. Who do what they say they will. Approachable, decent, reasonable and competent.


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