Investing in our future

Jobs Businesses and People are OUR priority

The worst economic crisis in 300 years - made worse by the Conservative mishandling of the pandemic. 

The most unemployed expected for 10 years, or more, perhaps not since the Thatcher years.

Business closures - accelerating as we change our shopping habits.  But, we can turn the tide and reduce the pain, if we act swiftly.  

Your Lib Dem led Council is doing that - helping short term recovery, and our town centre, helping businesses survive the crisis and investing in the future. To better insulate and improve the energy efficiency of our homes, to provide 350 affordable council houses for residents in need, to invest in our culture and much more.  From the £10 million pound Mercury Theatre redevelopment to the public realm around the Mercury and Jumbo.  Plus what makes us an attractive place to invest, from Ultra-fast Broadband, new high-tech CCTV, to better public realm.  Homes, sports, leisure, places to walk and enjoy our great town: investments in them all. 

We will spend local where we can.

We will help local businesses and jobs and secure long lasting change for better.

We are Liberal Democrats. Leading your Council, for a Better Colchester. 



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