Israel’s bombing of Gaza – Sir Bob calls on Cameron to recall Parliament

Prime Minister David Cameron has been urged to recall MPs for an emergency session of the House of Commons as the number of civilian deaths in Gaza continues to grow.  Liberal Democrat Sir Bob Russell - a member of the Defence Select Committee - has written to the Prime Minister to make the request.  Sir Bob says that Israel's political and military leaders should be charged with war crimes.

The Prime Minister was challenged by Sir Bob on the question of war crimes on Monday last week after Mr Cameron gave a statement to the House of Commons.

Below is a copy of Sir Bob's letter to David Cameron.

The Prime Minister

Rt Hon David Cameron MP

10 Downing Street

London SW1 31st July 2014

Dear Prime Minister,

Request for Recall of Parliament

On Monday last week, 22nd July, I suggested to you that the disproportionate action of Israel's political and military leaders constituted war crimes.

In response you said that "international law" required Israel to defend itself in a "proportionate way".

Since I put this matter to you, more than a further 1,000 Palestinians - mostly civilians, including hundreds of children! - have been killed by military attacks by Israel.

If you, as Prime Minister, had ordered British troops to fire on civilian communities in the way Israelis have then you would be guilty of a war crime.

As it is clear that Israel's behaviour is not proportionate, and that by their deliberate actions this places Israel's political and military leaders firmly in the court of international law to face war crimes, I write to request please that you arrange for the Recall of Parliament in the coming week to debate the deteriorating situation in Gaza.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Bob Russell,

MP for Colchester

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