Liberal Democrats: European by instinct

Since before we ever joined the (as it was then) European Economic Community (EEC), the then Liberals were strongly in favour of our membership.

That is why, when the referendum was called in 2016, we campaigned heart and soul for remaining, because remaining for us wasn't just good for Colchester, it is also in the Lib Dem DNA.

Then, in 2016, the UK voted to leave the European Union by the slim margin of 51.9% to 48.1%. The Liberal Democrats however, recognised the problems that would emerge from a chaotic no-deal brexit. This is why we were the first party to advocate a "vote on the deal".

This vote would pit the deal we have currently (remaining), against a government negotiated deal, taking the damaging "no-deal" option off the table. This was initially an unpopular position, but now that parliament is gridlocked, it is the only fair way to choose between two real options, not the fantasy that Will Quince, Boris Johnson or anyone else, lies about.

The Liberal Democrats are European by instinct, we believe in free trade, we are pro-immigration, not just for economic reasons but because immigrants help make our country better. 

Party Brexit position Can win in Colchester
Conservative Hard Brexit Yes
Brexit Hard Brexit No
Labour Depends on the day of the week Brexit Not anymore
Liberal Democrat Remain in the European Union Yes
Green Remain in the European Union No

Colchester is realistically a two party race between the Remain supporting Liberal Democrats, or the damaging no-deal Conservatives. No other party has won here since 1945. In the last local and European elections, the Liberal Democrats were the biggest pro-European party.

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