Listening to You

Leading By Listening

Our Lib Dem led Council has won applause for their plans for improving life in the Borough. 

A better, greener and cleaner town centre, support for policing and community safety are just some of the ruling administration's promises. But the challenges remain. 

Colchester is nearing a transformation.  New buildings and developments will deliver renewal and facilities. Some love that. Others do not.   Listening to those different voices is the Lib Dem and Council Leader Mark Cory's way.  With Cabinet colleagues he is reaching out to talk to those who have objections. Whether the Cultural Quarter or the Local Plan and proposed Garden Communities we will do our best to take on board what we can.

We will listen. We will adjust, adapt and improve plans where we can and where we cannot, we will work hard to explain the benefits and to make them as accessible as widely as possible. And we welcome constructive 'can do' and practical ideas.

Colchester's renewal is underway. This Lib Dem led Council wants all our residents to have a voice and feel the positives. To celebrate changes or to acknowledge that even if not their preference, they have had access and opportunity to contribute. 

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