Making a Difference

Making a Difference - Making Connections

Connecting communities has always been a Lib Dem passion. 

Your Lib Dem led Council is making this happen, step by step in the case of the Colchester Orbital.

Rowena Macaulay, of Walk Colchester, a member of the community-based coalition Colchester Green Links and Open Spaces who are behind the project, has spent the past few years identifying and mapping over 14-miles of circular walks and cycle routes around the outskirts of Colchester.

The Orbital links Colchester’s most important green spaces and will connect to heritage points of interest.   Council funding will enable the start made by volunteers to be turned into a readily accessible, community-wide resource through digital mapping, signage and a start on removing the physical obstacles to access.

Lib Dem lead David King supports the project, like his colleagues, as it helps connect rural and town by foot and bike, encouraging residents and visitors to get out and explore the countryside, improving life across the borough. 

Next steps include local digital mapping as 'We need to make it easier for new residents, as well as those more familiar with their parish, to connect with local clubs, organisations and facilities, to help them access services and to play their part in our many local communities'. 

A practical focus on the environment, health and well being - Lib Dem led


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