Meeting the Challenge

World's largest printer of money is running out of money




'Money makes the world go around' is true.  Lives are shaped and driven by needs and desires. What we like or want, as well as really need. 

Your Lib Dem led Council provides award winning services highly valued by our residents, paid for by Council Tax and some Government funding and by money we raise through our commercial services, leisure, car parks, museums and events. That income stopped with the lock down. 

Government can borrow to meet their daily expenses. Councils cannot.   Indeed Government say 'balance the books'. And we will but really difficult choices lie ahead.

Our approach will be to remember the rest of that quotation - that 'Money makes the world go around but happiness greases the axle and without this lubricant, life will seize'. 

Our promises follow that principle - to take care of the most vulnerable and to continue to preserve the essential services so valued by our residents.  While we lobby Government to keep their promises. 



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