More Funds for A Better Colchester

More Funds for a Better Colchester

The Lib Dem led Council continues to implement decisions made before the pre-election period. 

One of the last decisions of the full Cabinet, which has Lib Dem Leader of the Council, Mark Cory, as well as Lib Dems Nick Barlow and David King, was to agree further strategic spending priorities. They allocated funding to schemes across the borough.

Improvements to signs and street furniture will receive £110,000, £26,000 has been allocated for events and £50,000 will be given to improve staff health and wellbeing.

David King said: 'We have collectively long had a pride in our award winning museums, in Castle Park and our heritage.  Last year we allocated £200,000 to this which will bear fruit this year' and now 'we will allocate another £60,000 for town wall condition surveys work and for lighting projects'  

Last year the Council invested £300,000 through to 2021 to strength community policing and will invest again. Including a further £60,000 in a partnership with rural communities to help strengthen police resources, to take antisocial behaviour enforcement action, improve CCTV and increase car park security'. 

The Lib Dem led Cabinet also announced plans to help improve youth engagement and is set to offer match funding for community projects in Colchester.  Mr King said: 'Everything we do seeks to strengthen the community. Few issues have caught the attention recently more than youth engagement and knife crime. We must play a part, however small it may be in reversing that tide. We must do everything we can to help young people and those who help them. This is not quick work, or a promise there will be quick solutions or change, but we have set out commitments to match funding projects in total of £150,000 which I will believe can make a big difference.'

Lib Dems - making a difference. Remember when it comes to May 2nd elections. Please keep them in control of Colchester. 


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