MP criticises Israel for ethnic cleansing

Colchester MP Sir Bob Russell has criticised Israel for what he described as their ethnic cleansing of Bedouin in the south of the country – and also criticised the British Government for failing to condemn Israel for an action which is contrary to international law.

Speaking in the House of Commons during Foreign Office Questions, Sir Bob asked Foreign Office Minister Mr Tobias Ellwood to confirm “that the displacement of the Bedouin constitutes ethnic cleansing.”

But the Minister refused to answer the point raised by Sir Bob, and instead spoke about Israel’s illegal settlements on the West Bank which have nothing to do with the land which Bedouin are being forcibly removed from within Israel.

Sir Bob, who has visited the illegally occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, said afterwards that he was astonished that the Minister refused to acknowledge that Israel was guilty of ethnic cleansing when what was happening had been condemned by Britain when this took place in other parts of the World.

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