Nearly there!

VOTE Lib Dem on May 5th!

Working hard across Colchester, from Stanway to Wivenhoe we are fighting hard to win back control. To knock a brick out of that blue wall of Tory Councils. To send a message to Whitehall and No 10.

This election really matters. It is an opportunity to elect great Lib Dem Cllrs, and to get control back of Colchester Borough Council.  We can win.  And we can lead again locally.  With your support. 

It’s been tough for lots of people over the past few years.  Soaring energy bills are overwhelming millions of families and pensioners. But the Conservatives either don’t care or don’t get it… and do little to help.  And a lot that harms .. from higher taxes to an NHS in crisis. 

A Lib Dem led Council can help make a local difference.  We will create a crisis fund and support service, we can help many survive the yet harder times ahead and we will.  We can help residents find help. We will do all we can to help people through tough times, while addressing the big issues of the day, from climate change to support for our town centre. 

We will live our values, welcoming, helpful, supportive and caring.

Vote Lib Dem on May 5th. For fairer and better for Colchester. 

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