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Council Budget is Passed - Just!

The first duty of Councillors? To keep the show on the road! That commonsense was lost by some last week!

Lib Dem led Colchester Borough Council got their budget approved - to provide the essential services residents need. It was astonishing that the Tory opposition voted against. Even though they agree with much of it. And despite having no alternative to offer!  It was brilliant that the Mayor did the right thing and voted for continuity of services.

The great news is that budget approval means services continue and investments in the town and borough, including yet better cleaning, money for highways, heritage, arts and policing and community safety resources.  

The Conservative Government have not helped. Rates Support Grant was £11M and next year will be zero! But, by good housekeeping, efficiencies and by investing in ways that earn income we can still deliver high quality services.  We are in good shape. The Council budget is affordable, the books still balance and reserves and balances have been kept untouched, as a set aside against risks, issues or a rainy day!

Prudent but ambitious - Lib Dem led Colchester.

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