NHS - In Bad Health!

Bob Russell and Colchester Liberal Democrats know we need proper funding and support for our health service and a better deal for all those who provide our care and treatment.


Our National Health Service is close to all our hearts – a national treasure that is being undermined by a Tory government. The dedicated staff working increasingly longer hours are in turn offered a measly 1 per cent pay rise.

Severe cuts in care provision has led to soaring levels of bed blocking. Hospitals are having to bear the heavy financial cost of looking after people who would be better cared for in their own homes.

Many in Colchester are worried that Ipswich Hospital taking over Colchester Hospital will result in the best services being based in Ipswich. It leaves us vulnerable to services being taken away from our local NHS and based in Ipswich instead and Bob is determined to stop any of our hospital's departments from closure or relocation.


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