Now it starts

The new Colchester Alliance starts work, with Mark at the helm!



Colchester has a new and Lib Dem led Council.

Eight portfolio holders will continue to form the Cabinet - with three new Lib Dem faces joining the team. The Cabinet now comprises four Liberal Democrat councillors, three Labour councillors and one Independent councillor. 

Wivenhoe Cllr Mark Cory is the new Leader of the Council and Portfolio Holder for Strategy. 

Martin Goss, who leads the Lib Dem group takes on the Waste, Environment and Transportation portfolio. David King becomes the new Portfolio Holder for Resources and Nick Barlow becomes Portfolio Holder for Commercial Services. 

All of them and their alliance colleagues are grateful for the opportunity to 'make a difference'.

Mark added:  'I'm delighted we've been able to agree a new, Progressive Alliance. The people of Colchester rightly expect us to deliver on our promise to make the borough a vibrant, prosperous and welcoming place for all - and they can be assured we will work hard to meet their expectations.'

At 31, Mark Cory becomes one of the youngest council leaders in the country, but with deep knowledge of the borough, not just the town of Colchester and the Council officers. All of that depth and breadth will be a huge help when this Lib Dem led Council, with new faces, ideas and fresh approaches, sets about making real differences in the year ahead. 


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