Recycling Champions


Great progress on waste reduction and recycling

The Lib Dems have the most ambitious plans for the environment of any main party. They want to tackle emissions and pollution, reduce the UK’s greenhouse-gas emissions by 80% by the middle of the century, invest into low-carbon and sustainable infrastructure and drive up recycling rates.   

Colchester Lib Dems are proud that they are setting a great example with their changes to waste management and recycling. The effects are dramatic. The great news from lead Councillor Jess Scott-Boutell is that CBC performance continues to improve. There is less residual waste, more recycling, and a better collection service.  The overall recycling rate is up 55% on the first 3 months with plastics up by a staggering 48%,  cans by 37%, paper by 18%. Although glass recycling has not improved by much, by only 1%, food waste recycling has increased by a staggering  87%.  This is waste that is not going to landfill and that is being recycled. 😊

As Liberal Democrats we are proud that our party  and residents have helped make this happen. Thank you everyone for your recycling and your support.

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