Rough on the Streets

Housing Challenges and The Homeless

We are positive and we should be.  Life for many is good. But not for all.

As Lib Dems we will do what we can to help those whose who fall on hard times.  But housing and related challenges will not be resolved easily. The waiting list is long. And it can be difficult to reach those who are most vulnerable, 'rough sleepers' or not. 

Walking past those huddled in a doorway unsettles many.  Is this choice, chance or remedial circumstance? What should be their charitable instinct? Should they be anxious - is that need or unhelpful aggression? Should they moan or help or not and how do they want their town to look to others and to visitors?

This Lib Dem led Council continues to work hard to reduce and manage the problems, starting with engagement and help.  Those on the streets are visited regularly.  Council service providers, charities and volunteers work together to help provide advice, support and help. And a Housing First scheme, now being piloted in Colchester, will see four rough sleepers given accommodation within the next six months, another step towards more productive and less vulnerable lives and removing the need to 'rough sleep' on our streets.

Practical compassion, making a difference.

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