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Lib Dems know we cannot stop the widespread use of illegal drugs, or the misuse of legal painkillers and opioids. But we can start a debate and to reduce the risks for users.

In our Manifesto 2019 we start a discussion about drugs, to make it more than police action and to help users to keep safe.

Three initial aims - to get recovery spray kits to our police and pubs and clubs, to set up a drug testing facility and to improve ‘Drugs Alerts’ and encourage risk awareness.

Recognise reality. One third of the population have taken drugs at some time and each year perhaps one in 12 take illegal drugs. Thousands are ruined, thousands die each year. 

Drug overdose complications can include lung and heart problems, brain damage caused by prolonged lack of oxygen, and eventually death. Giving someone naloxone helps restore breathing and lessen these risks.

Lib Dems are addressing what matters, a half hidden crisis that drives thefts and bad behaviour, corrodes our social fabric and enriches the criminals.  We have a duty of care to work with all our partners to reduce risk and harm, learning from what works across the UK. 

Support us and action to save lives - vote Lib Dem May 2nd.

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