The under-funding of schools is a national disgrace and it will only get worse under a Tory government.

Plans to divert more cash to grammar schools is no laughing matter and as the trial project in Kent has shown it only benefits children and young people from rich and upper middle class families.

Now 98 per cent of schools will be hit by cuts, with schools in Colchester having to make savings each of hundreds of thousands of pounds. The Gilberd School alone is set to lose £559,638 overall by 2020, equivalent to £820 lost per pupil and 22 teaching posts. Others are set to be hit just as hard.

Bob has fought and beaten previous threats by Conservatives to close schools in Colchester - he knows how to fight and win.

The Tories toy with education like it is a political football. Let’s put our children first and boot political doctrine out of touch.

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