General Election Ready - for Colchester's next Lib Dem MP

Lib Dems lead in Colchester! 

Ready for ANOTHER election?  We know they can be unpredictable.  But we are getting ready.  Lib Dems across the country have been polling strongly.  Most pollsters expect them to do well. Or very well.  And to to pick up seats across the country.  It will be down to all of us. All of those caring for our country and our direction. All of those wanting liberal, decent, green and generous politics - to lend a hand.  And their Vote.

Our Lib Dem led Council shows we CAN deliver. Award winning services. Strong finances. A passion for better - from our High Street to our Parks and Museums to our support for those in need. From new Council housing to a 'Best in the East' climate friendly Council.

Martin Goss is a leading Member of that Lib Dem team. A passionate campaignerr and organiser, a long term Lib Dem who will put Colchester first. Active all year and for many years, our local boy.  Now our Parliamentary Candidate - here for ALL of Colchester

Stand by.  Be Ready. For Martin. Ahead in the local polls. Help us make it happen, make Colchester Lib Dem again. Martin for our next MP!


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