Sunshine in Colchester

Ready Rain Or Shine!

Image result for colchester gazette culver square umbrellas

Successful towns and cities make their town centres inviting.  Lib Dem led Colchester Borough Council works closely with local businesses to help attract visitors and residents.

We want vibrancy, footfall, colour, diversity and a touch of happiness, wherever it can be found.  And our brand new umbrella installation has been a big hit, straight away.

As Mark Cory, Lib Dem Leader of the Council said: “Our Better Colchester campaign is all about celebrating what Colchester has to offer. This colourful and innovative installation really brightens up the street scene'. 

More improvements are on their way. We already have cleaner streets, better street furniture, great floral displays and our great attractions and parks. Soon a 'living wall' and later this year heritage lighting to make the most of our castle and roman walls.

Lib Dem led Colchester - making it better for residents and visitors alike.  

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