Taking Back Control

Let's NOT forget

Anger from all sides as Boris Johnson fights to survive 'partygate'

As his MPs hesitate moving Boris on and he distracts with 'freedom day' don't forget the year we have had.  A Prime Minister condemned by his Tory predecessors for 'brazen excuses', for asking the public 'to believe the unbelievable' with Ministers who look 'gullible or foolish'.  For whom 'truth has been optional'.

Who cares? We do, we all should. Help us get rid of those who are self seeking. A Conservative government whose foundations are their local parties, Councillors and activists.  Some may hold their nose but they support those who hollow out our democracy, who change the rules to help their friends and who take cash for access. They defend the indefensible.  

We are working hard to get them out in May 22, and to return a Lib Dem led Council.  If you can help us take down another brick in the blue wall on which Boris wobbles, let us know. Please contact your local Cllr or candidate and help us to build a winning team!   

We are here for you - and WE can be trusted. 



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