Taking Responsibility

Loving Our Town - Taking Responsibility

Its glorious on a lovely day. 

History and modernity. Bustle. Deep cleaned streets. Signs of renewal. Plans for better.

This Lib Dem led Council is determined to build on the successes of earlier administrations. They helped make this 'boom town' smile, with more jobs, better pay, less unemployment and more business engagement than before. But, there is much to do now. And any success needs reinforcement and the right attitudes.

So now is the time to say a 'thank you' to our Council staffs. Those who engage with developers, who deal in planning, who help with benefits and rates and noise abatement and nuisance and yes litter and deep cleaning and much much more. The crews who walk 15 miles and pick up tons of refuse every day.  

To all of them at every level - sincere thanks. Parties have plans, ideas and instincts for better.  We matter - we really do - helped by our members.  But Council staffs make it happen.  We really value what you do and we will do all we can to lead and help and to set an example - and to call again for personal responsibility.  It's a great town.

Let's keep it that way. Lib Dem led. Vibrant, prosperous, welcoming and green and clean. 

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