UK drug laws no longer have any credibility

Liberal Democrat Home Affairs Spokesperson, Brian Paddick, has called for an overhaul of UK Drugs policy.  He said that the Government's new Psychoactive Substances Bill "adds to the confusion and further undermines the credibility of UK drugs laws."

His comments come during the Bill's Second Reading in the House of Lords. Lord Paddick has branded the Bill unfit for purpose with huge unintended consequences.  He said:

"The reason why millions of people break the law by taking controlled drugs is because, quite righty, they see that our drugs laws lack credibility. This Bill further undermines the credibility of the drugs laws in this country."

"It's time we started treating those who misuse drugs as victims of drug dealers rather than criminals.

"It is time we confronted the fact that criminalising young people for possessing substances only as harmful, or less harmful, than alcohol or tobacco, lacks credibility."

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