Vote Lib Dem on May 4th - A chance for a change at County Hall

Vote Lib Dem to protect services Colchester residents use the most - walk in centres, school budgets and highway repairs along with many others.


Vote Lib Dem for a positive plan for local services.

Essex County Council is responsible for vital services like schools, highways and social care. Colchester is a growing town and our needs are being ignored.  The Conservatives are cutting funding for childrens centres, local pharmacies and  highway repairs. They've already cut meals on wheels. We need properly funded services if we are to be prosperous and have a good quality of life.

If on May 4th you elect Liberal Democrat councillors we promise that we will fight to protect the services that residents value and use.

Polling stations open between 7am and 10pm on May 4th offering the residents of Colchester the chance to elect a strong Liberal Democrat team to County Hall

To see our candidates for your area please click here


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