Voters Deserve Better

Another Election Ahead

Electors soon will have the opportunity to vote in local elections, after last year's postponement.  It will be a choice that should be about who best can deliver essential services, improvement, the best for the health and well being of local communities and our environment.  Lib Dems have a great track record, support for those in need and help for all.  

Voting Lib Dem here keeps alive our wider voice and influence over national decisions, despite the distortions of the voting system Lib Dems punch above their weight.  A fairer system would have given us 75 seats!  But we still influence the national debates for better, from social care to the needs of those struggling, to the benefits of good relationships internationally and inclusion at home.  

In Colchester our strong record as a Lib Dem led Council and our strong Liberal traditions in Colchester mean we can ensure you are heard. Politics in Colchester more fairly reflects what people want.  An alliance of progressives, Liberal led. 

Vote Liberal Democrat in this next local election and ensure your voice is heard, for change, for better here and across the country. 

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