We ARE different to the Tories

THINKING how to vote on May 6th?

We can be different to the Tories - and BETTER!

On Europe.  Not picking a fight. Not breaking international law. Not damaging our export industries. Accepting Brexit but working to create a new and better relationship. To really be 'friends and partners'

On Vaccine ID passports 'As the party of civil liberties and personal freedoms, Liberal Democrats rejected Labour’s attempted introduction of ID cards under Tony Blair. We see no reason now why we should accept the vaccine ID cards of Michael Gove and Boris Johnson'  Ed Davey Lib Dem Leader

Racial injustice is real – and we will keep fighting it

On Race.  Not selectively taking facts that suit the Government - but accepting despite improvements that 'Racial injustice is real – and we will keep fighting it' The Liberal Democrat response to the report of the Government’s Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities.

South East RCN 💙 (@SouthEastRCN) | Twitter

On those in need.  They are our priority. We will not reduce the scope or quality of our award winning Council services.  We will continue to help those most in need, from help with Council Tax to paying the Living Wage.

For our progressive values drive us.  We will help those who help us - like Nurses.  We will do all we can to safeguard a fair and free and open society, for all, in which we combat ignorance and champion the freedom, dignity and well-being of individuals and wider communities.

Vote Liberal Democrat on 6 May.  Be different. Be proud to want better.  

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