Why we think immigration is fantastic for Colchester

Immigration is often a much maligned subject in our country, however, the Liberal Democrats locally and nationally, are proud of the contribution people who have chosen to make the UK their home have made.

The reasons for loving immigration are not just economical, although people who choose to make the UK their home are valuable economic contributors. They are also cultural, from the food we eat, to the beer we drink, it is almost entirely a result of different people coming together to share their experiences and make our lives culturally richer.

In our Borough of Colchester, it is no different, especially since we have the University of Essex within our area which we are proud of being one of the most diverse in the UK. In the Liberal Democrats, we celebrate this.

Unfortunately, hate crime based on race and religion has risen in recent years, with a sharp increase coming directly after the Brexit vote.

However, the Liberal Democrats are clear that society is strengthened by immigration and diversity, not weakened or damaged by it. 

The Liberal Democrats

  • Support immigration
  • Support free movement of people in the European 
  • Want to welcome immigrants

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