Bouncing Back

Looking to 2020 A huge THANK YOU to all our supporters and Voters     

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Hitting the Streets

Whatever the weather - Martin for ALL of Colchester

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General Election Ready - for Colchester's next Lib Dem MP

Lib Dems lead in Colchester!  Ready for ANOTHER election?  We know they can be unpredictable.  But we are getting ready.  Lib Dems across the country have been polling strongly.  Most pollsters expect them to do well. Or very well.  And to to pick up seats across the country.  It will be down to...

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Green and Getting Greener!

Lib Dem Colchester - A Top 10 Climate Friendly Council 

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Why we think immigration is fantastic for Colchester

Immigration is often a much maligned subject in our country, however, the Liberal Democrats locally and nationally, are proud of the contribution people who have chosen to make the UK their home have made. The reasons for loving immigration are not just economical, although people who choose to m...

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Liberal Democrats: European by instinct

Since before we ever joined the (as it was then) European Economic Community (EEC), the then Liberals were strongly in favour of our membership. That is why, when the referendum was called in 2016, we campaigned heart and soul for remaining, because remaining for us wasn't just good for Colcheste...

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More News

About Colchester Lib Dems

The Liberal Democrats run Colchester Borough Council in partnership with the Independents and the Labour group.

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