Fighting Plastics

Join the Revolution!

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New Lib Dem Administration

New Colchester Cabinet - Lib Dem led

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New Lib Dem Mayor

Our very own Mayor!

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Celebrating - Colchester Lib Dems!

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Fighting elections across the UK

Lib Dem Campaigns & Lib Dem Values VOTE today - May 2nd - for a Party of Values and Ideas - locally and across the UK that are about a true quality of life, inclusive, supportive, effective.

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Trust Us - Not the Tories!

Lib Dems are the positive and 'can do' party.  We HAVE delivered this last year, including cleaner streets, investments in our heritage, help for those that support others, as well as action on ASB and recruiting more police officers (although that shouldn't be our job).  We will do MORE of the s...

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About Colchester Lib Dems

The Liberal Democrats run Colchester Borough Council in partnership with the Independents and the Labour group.

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