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Lib Dems BATTLE for better

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'Robust but fair' Opposition

Pride in our legacy - Determined to return! Lib Dem led control of Colchester has come to a close. But as the Conservatives take over the Lib Dems and their Labour allies sign up on a 'progressive agreement' to hold them to account.   Lib Dems know we leave the Tories with a great legacy. An awa...

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Independents Change Again

Highwoods Independents Join Tory Cabinet Lib Dems still 2nd largest party on Borough and County Councils Progressive parties and the Independents had more of the vote and seats but with the three votes of the Oxford family, their post election move across means control of Colchester Council appe...

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Results 2021

Lib Dems and Partners stand firm Tory 'Blue Wave' proves insufficient! Lib Dems lead the current ruling coalition, with Labour. Together they went into Thursday’s poll holding 24 seats.  When the results were counted, they still hold 23, Lib Dems still one ahead of Labour at 12 to 11 with the Gr...

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For Colchester's Future Vote Lib Dem on May 6th

Every Vote Counts! Vote for a Lib Dem led Colchester Our Colchester Borough priorities include help for young people, support to local jobs and the environment, from woodland planting and bio-diversity support to climate change action and keeping as much as we can of 'the Wick' for future gener...

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Lib Dem Manifesto 2021 Launched!

Here for us all - all year long Some of YOUR great local Lib Dem Candidates  Gathering Socially Distanced! Colchester Lib Dems have launched their 2021 Manifesto for the County and Borough Council.  Vote Lib Dem for the County Council - we will fight against the £46 million pounds cuts by the Co...

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About Colchester Lib Dems

The Liberal Democrats run Colchester Borough Council in partnership with the Independents and the Labour group.

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