Kieron to fight Lexden & Braiswick by-election

Kieron Franks is the Liberal Democrat candidate for the Lexden & Braiswick by-election. The by-election was caused by the newly elected Tory councillor resigning less than four weeks after the May elections. Kieron and the Lib Dem Team out and about meeting local residents. Kieron has alread...

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Lib Dem led Colchester alliance

A new Lib Dem led Colchester Council  The Lib Dems are back! After just a year out of office Lib Dems have retaken leadership of Colchester Borough Council. Gaining 3 seats from the Conservatives we are the largest of the opposition parties, at 14 seats.  With the second highest vote share.  An...

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Lib Dems Win in Colchester & Across the UK

Colchester Liberal Democrats took three seats from the Conservatives, including Stanway, where Tracy Arnold unseated the Conservative leader of the Council. We increased our share of the vote across the borough and were less than 350 votes short of winning in two other seats. The result of the e...

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Nearly there!

VOTE Lib Dem on May 5th! Working hard across Colchester, from Stanway to Wivenhoe we are fighting hard to win back control. To knock a brick out of that blue wall of Tory Councils. To send a message to Whitehall and No 10. This election really matters. It is an opportunity to elect great Lib De...

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Fight for Better!

Council Elections - candidates announced! The stakes are high! To form an new administration, or not. To lead, or not. Everything depends on our candidates, and those working hard with them, to see them over the line. Just 2 weeks to go to 5 May!  We thank them all: Berechurch - Michaela Gross...

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Helping Those Most In Need

Lib Dems Agree On Manifesto Priorities

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More News

About Colchester Lib Dems

We are back again! Once again leading Colchester Borough Council. Liberal Democrats will continue to help shape our town for the better. We lead the new administration working to improve life for local residents.

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