A Lib Dem Summer

Summer Days Warming up our Mag Hall HQ Talking to residents Honouring past Lib Dem service   Proud of our Liberal traditions and diversity All of us - working Hard - behind the scenes Planning for a yet better future

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FirstSite triumph - Museum of the Year

A fantastic 10th birthday present! Great to see FirstSite success named as 'Museum of the Year'. A huge achievement. Their great outreach work, helping thousands, making themselves accessible and inviting.  We salute Sally Shaw and her team. Wonderful work.  We are proud to have helped lay past ...

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Consensus and Campaigns

A legacy we MUST keep secure Good to see continuity as our Tory successors follow policies and plans set in train by the last Lib Dem led administration. Those plans commanded widespread support.  They still do.  A great legacy.  Including a 'town deal' that will benefit many. A priority for the...

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Our Children Their Future

Lib Dems BATTLE for better

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'Robust but fair' Opposition

Pride in our legacy - Determined to return! Lib Dem led control of Colchester has come to a close. But as the Conservatives take over the Lib Dems and their Labour allies sign up on a 'progressive agreement' to hold them to account.   Lib Dems know we leave the Tories with a great legacy. An awa...

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Independents Change Again

Highwoods Independents Join Tory Cabinet Lib Dems still 2nd largest party on Borough and County Councils Progressive parties and the Independents had more of the vote and seats but with the three votes of the Oxford family, their post election move across means control of Colchester Council appe...

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About Colchester Lib Dems

The Liberal Democrats run Colchester Borough Council in partnership with the Independents and the Labour group.

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