St Anne's and St John's

Councillors Helen Chuah, Mike Hogg and Paul Smith

Supported by Local Campaigner Natalie Sommers

Your St Anne's and St John's Lib Dem Team

Natalie Sommers joined the St Anne's and St John's lib Dem team in 2021. She was elected as City Councillor with a majority of 689 on 4 May 2023.

She is Portfolio holder for Communities on the Council.

Since 2021 she has campaigned for the best local services for residents of St Anne's and St John's. Natalie actively supports litter picking and tidying up our local area.

Natalie played an active part in getting Paul Smith elected to represent St Anne's and St John's on the Council in 2022.

Mike Hogg was elected to represent St Anne's and St John's in May 1986.

He serves as Deputy Chair of the City Council Licensing Committee.

Mike is also a Trustee of St Anne's Community Hall Association which runs the Acorn Centre.

Paul Smith was elected to represent St Anne's and St John's in May 2022.

A former leader of Colchester Council, Paul chairs the Governance and Audit Committee and serves on the Scrutiny Panel, Crime and Disorder, and Local Plan Committees.

Paul also serves as a Trustee of St Anne's Community Hall Association, plays an active part in supporting the St Anne's Youth Club and is a member of the Court of Essex University .

Local champion Catherine Spindler has joined the Saints team to support your Lib Dem ward councillors.

She has fought for better provision for our children and young people and is constantly reporting poor roads and pavements to the County Council for repair.

Catherine has a keen interest in environmental issues and is an accredited Green Lib Dem Candidate. 

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