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Councillors Phil Coleman, Martin Goss and David King

Supported by Local Campaigner Venessa Moffat and former County and Borough Councillor Anne Turrell

Your Mile End Lib Dem Team

Venessa Moffat

Ward Councillor (Mile End – Colchester Borough Council – First elected May 2023)

Venessa has lived in Mile End for nearly 17 years, and is actively involved with the community for many years.

She has offered her services as a personal trainer running sessions at Leisureworld, and also leading runs at various running clubs. She has two teenage boys, and around them and her full time job, she has been an active supporter of the Lib Dems locally.

Professionally, Venessa is a strategy and growth specialist, with over 15 years’ experience in various tech industries, including business integration, Software as a Service, hybrid cloud, data centres, managed services and telecoms / networking. Venessa holds a BSc in Computer Science, as well as an MBA from Essex University. MIET, MBCS.

Martin Goss

Ward Councillor (Mile End – Colchester Borough Council – First elected 2008)
Community Councillor (Myland Community Council)

Martin serves as Cabinet Member for Neighbourhood Services and Waste on the City Council and chaired the Local Plan Comittee.

Martin was born in 1974 and has lived in Colchester since he was 4.  He was educated locally and continued his education up to a Masters Degree whilst working full-time;  he currently works in Financial Services as a Senior Project Manager.

Martin became involved with the local community in 2006 when he helped to set-up a Residents’ Association on the Northern Approach development. He joined Myland Community Council in 2007 and was elected to Colchester Borough Council in 2008.  He was re-elected in 2012 with 64% of the vote.  He has used his position in the Council to deal with a broad range of casework for Mile End residents and served on a number of key committees.

Martin cares passionately about the local area and his neighbourhood.  Examples include:

  • Consistently speaking out against developments in Mile End and winning some concessions by working closely with local residents.
  • Working closely with local police to set up numerous Neighbourhood Watch schemes to help keep residents better protected in Mile End.
  • Often being seen picking up litter and arranging litter picks.
  • Being Mile End’s Broadband champion and fighting to get Fibre broadband for all residents.

David King

Ward Councillor (Mile End – Colchester Borough Council – First elected 2018)
County Councillor (Essex County Council – First elected 2021)

David is Leader of Colchester Council and also represents Mile End and Highwoods on Essex County Council.

An Essex boy with family in Mile End, David knows Colchester well, but was educated in Maldon, securing a Masters Degree whilst working for the Ministry of Defence. Since leaving the Senior Civil Service in 2015 David had been working to support his local Mile End community.

He joined the Community Council and became Governor, and later Chair of Governors of two Colchester schools. before joining the Lib Dem team.

As Mile End Lib Dem Survey and Focus lead David involves himself the issues of residents. He raises their concerns with others, provides assurance and or information that may help, and supports Ward and County Councillors in the work they do, to make the best of the many changes underway within Colchester and Mile End.

David cares deeply about the health of the community, whether new to the area or long-standing residents. He has worked for a local Community Action Plan that brings improvements to the area and support to local community groups that help others. And working with local service providers and developers he has looked to help them communicate better and to be more aware and responsive to the needs and concerns of the community.

David was also successfully voted in to continue the good work of former County Cllr Anne Turrell who retired in May 2021.

Anne Turrell

Former County Councillor (Essex County Council – First elected 2004)

Anne was Essex County Councillor for Mile End and Highwoods since first being elected in 2004 until 2021. She was involved in many different aspects of Essex County Council in her various terms including dealing with pot hole issues, a lack of school places, resurfacing of our roads and the introduction of the Park and Ride in Colchester. 

Anne is also a former leader of Colchester Council

Although Anne retired in May 2021, she is still involved with the team.

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