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No Financial Crisis help from Government in Budget

17 Mar 2023

Families were looking at this Budget for support. But instead of throwing them a lifeline, the Chancellor has thrown them under the bus.

Rent and mortgage bills are up; the cost of the weekly shop is up; energy prices are up. All because of Conservative chaos - yet the Government has offered no immediate help with the cost of living.

The Chancellor could have done so much more, if he cared enough. There was enough money to cut energy bills by £500, and take them down to last April’s levels.

But instead, you’ll pay more this year than last year for your energy - even as gas prices come down.

This Conservative Government is so out of touch they might as well be on a different planet.

Stealth tax rises for normal families, while the super-wealthy keep their tax loopholes, big banks are handed billions, and energy giants don’t pay a penny extra tax on their record profits.

British families are already £700 per year worse off thanks to this crisis - and as ever, the Conservatives’ plan is to make hard working families pay for their own mess while they let big multinationals get away with billions.

It’s clearer than ever that at the next election, this Government needs to go.

In scores of seats across the country Liberal Democrats are the only ones able to show them the door.