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31 Jan 2024
Knife Angel

A LEADING Colchester councillor wants all political parties to stand united in the fight to tackle knife crime in the city.

Lib Dem Martin Goss’ motion for the city’s council to support police, schools and organisations in combatting the misery of knife crime was ratified with full support last week.

He praised the brave work of Colchester resident, Ann Oakes-Odger MBE whose son, Westley, was murdered in an unprovoked knife attack in 2005, and the continued campaign by the Colchester Gazette to raise awareness of the issue.

Ms Oakes-Odger was instrumental in supporting the concept and the design of artist Alfie Bradley’s Knife Angel – an iconic statue comprising of 100,000 recovered and surrendered blades – which visited the city last October as part of its nationwide tour.

Martin Goss, the Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate, said: “Schools are doing their bit and politicians who represent their communities must do theirs by supporting local schools, charities, faiths, organisations and the police to help end the carrying of knives in Colchester – no knife, no stabbing.

“I recall the current Conservative MP, promising as part of his and his party’s election commitments to be “tough on knife crime. But since this failed promise, knife crime in Colchester and across the country is at alarming levels. There must never be such cruel empty promises made again by any politician, we have to all deliver to end knife crime.

“The use of knives as weapons in Colchester must end, there is no room for such cowardly and callous crimes in our city. I am aware that the police are doing all they can to catch and prosecute those responsible. I encourage anyone who may have witnessed these crimes or have any information that can help to contact the police; you are able to anonymously.”