Kieron to fight Lexden & Braiswick by-election

Kieron Franks is the Liberal Democrat candidate for the Lexden & Braiswick by-election.

The by-election was caused by the newly elected Tory councillor resigning less than four weeks after the May elections.

Kieron & the Lib Dem teamKieron & Team2

Kieron and the Lib Dem Team out and about meeting local residents.

Kieron has already started working hard for local residents, he will not take you for granted.

Lib Dem led Colchester alliance

A new Lib Dem led Colchester Council 

The Lib Dems are back!

After just a year out of office Lib Dems have retaken leadership of Colchester Borough Council.

Gaining 3 seats from the Conservatives we are the largest of the opposition parties, at 14 seats.  With the second highest vote share.  And as seen across the UK we are the natural home for former Tory voters. 

Working together the 3 party coalition have a clear majority, with 30 seats out of 51.  And a clear mandate.  To work together to prioritise tackling the biggest challenges to Colchester, including sustainability, climate change, and the cost-of-living crisis.

The new Cabinet includes 4 Lib Dems.  David King is the leader of the new administration, made up of representatives from the Liberal Democrats, Labour and the Green Party.  

Mark Cory is the new resources boss.  

Andrea Luxford-Vaughan takes the planning and infrastructure role.

Martin Goss will once again lead neighbourhood services and waste. 


All part of a great local Lib Dem Cllr team, running the committees and overseeing and directing the work of our Council.  Together we will deliver better for our residents. Ward by ward, across Colchester. With the invaluable support of activists, candidates and local party members.  Thank you all


Lib Dems Win in Colchester & Across the UK

Colchester Liberal Democrats took three seats from the Conservatives, including Stanway, where Tracy Arnold unseated the Conservative leader of the Council.

We increased our share of the vote across the borough and were less than 350 votes short of winning in two other seats.

The result of the election is a new Lib Dem led Council, that is doing all it can to protect the vulnerable and is already working towards a cleaner, greener and safer Colchester.

Across the UK, the Liberal Democrats were the big winners on Thursday 5th May. We gained over 200 extra council seats nationwide - winning against both Labour, the Conservatives,

More and more people - both in Colchester and across the country - are turning to the Liberal Democrats as the positive choice for a fairer and more equal society.

Join our growing team here in Colchester 

Nearly there!

VOTE Lib Dem on May 5th!

Working hard across Colchester, from Stanway to Wivenhoe we are fighting hard to win back control. To knock a brick out of that blue wall of Tory Councils. To send a message to Whitehall and No 10.

This election really matters. It is an opportunity to elect great Lib Dem Cllrs, and to get control back of Colchester Borough Council.  We can win.  And we can lead again locally.  With your support. 

It’s been tough for lots of people over the past few years.  Soaring energy bills are overwhelming millions of families and pensioners. But the Conservatives either don’t care or don’t get it… and do little to help.  And a lot that harms .. from higher taxes to an NHS in crisis. 

A Lib Dem led Council can help make a local difference.  We will create a crisis fund and support service, we can help many survive the yet harder times ahead and we will.  We can help residents find help. We will do all we can to help people through tough times, while addressing the big issues of the day, from climate change to support for our town centre. 

We will live our values, welcoming, helpful, supportive and caring.

Vote Lib Dem on May 5th. For fairer and better for Colchester. 

Fight for Better!

Council Elections - candidates announced!

The stakes are high! To form an new administration, or not. To lead, or not.

Everything depends on our candidates, and those working hard with them, to see them over the line.

Just 2 weeks to go to 5 May!  We thank them all:

  • Berechurch - Michaela Grossman-Hislop
  • Castle - Martin Gillingham
  • Greenstead - Shaun Boughton
  • Highwoods - Laura Cassidy
  • Lexden and Braiswick -Sandra Culham
  • Marks Tey and Layer - Mark Hull
  • Mersea and Pyefleet - Jenny Stevens
  • Mile End - David King
  • New Town and Christ Church - Catherine Spindler and Robin James
  • Old Heath and the Hythe - Peter Schraml
  • Prettygate - John Loxley
  • Rural North - William Brown
  • St Anne's and John's - Paul Smith
  • Shrub End - Mick Spindler
  • Stanway - Tracy Arnold
  • Tiptree - Kieron Franks
  • Wivenhoe - Andrea Luxford-Vaughan

We are all Lib Dems! Different and diverse. Different genders, ages, backgrounds. From educators to lawyers and academics. From a former Council leader and two seat defending current Councillors to those looking for success. 

Our present and our future - united around our values, our love of what we do, and the communities we serve.

Thank you all.  And good luck!

Support them, join us and help them, Vote Lib Dem on May 5th!

Helping Those Most In Need

Lib Dems Agree On Manifesto Priorities

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Levelling down - again

Honesty should matter.  The Chancellor talks of helping millions. But not the millions he hasn't helped at all. That's a part truth.   When the Tories say look at future 'tax cuts' when tax is rising. That's yet another Tory illusion. 

Conservatives talk of 'levelling up'. We ask HOW does that fit with falling living standards and rising energy bills or with NO help for those most in need, like those on disability benefits, or Universal Credit? 

A new painful and avoidable Tory 'levelling DOWN' is on it's way.  If that's clear to the Times and the Mirror - it should be for us.

Remember on May 5th - vote Lib Dem - NOT 'local' Conservatives who support Johnson's privileged 'one rule for them and another for us' Tories.  

In memory of Nick Cope

Cllr Nick Cope

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We are a 'Borough of Sanctuary'

And we will .. 

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Taking Back Control

Let's NOT forget

Anger from all sides as Boris Johnson fights to survive 'partygate'

As his MPs hesitate moving Boris on and he distracts with 'freedom day' don't forget the year we have had.  A Prime Minister condemned by his Tory predecessors for 'brazen excuses', for asking the public 'to believe the unbelievable' with Ministers who look 'gullible or foolish'.  For whom 'truth has been optional'.

Who cares? We do, we all should. Help us get rid of those who are self seeking. A Conservative government whose foundations are their local parties, Councillors and activists.  Some may hold their nose but they support those who hollow out our democracy, who change the rules to help their friends and who take cash for access. They defend the indefensible.  

We are working hard to get them out in May 22, and to return a Lib Dem led Council.  If you can help us take down another brick in the blue wall on which Boris wobbles, let us know. Please contact your local Cllr or candidate and help us to build a winning team!   

We are here for you - and WE can be trusted. 



Closing In On Boris

Can you REALLY tell the difference between Boris or his close colleagues?

Each supports the other, as scandal follows scandal, they say: 'it's just a storm in a tea cup'. He was just 'sharing a birthday cake'

We know it was taking the p. A lack of respect for the nation they are supposed to serve.  For us.  And the silence of Will Quince and his colleagues here says everything.  Their party first. The national interest last.  Perhaps because they have been bullied, or fear the change. But none of it speaks well for today's Conservatives. 

Tories - the rule makers - not keepers.

This May's elections is your opportunity to send a clear message. To Conservatives here and across the country: time to go.  We want people we can trust - to do the right thing.

Winners AGAIN!

Bursting Boris's Bubble

A stunning victory for Helen Morgan in North Shropshire

Helen Morgan won 17,957 votes, near 6,000 votes ahead of the Conservatives and a mile ahead of Labour.  This was a 34% swing from Conservative to Lib Dem. Even greater than the 25% seen last June when the Lib Dems won the Chesham and Amersham byelection.  A huge well done to Helen, and to the Lib Dems from across the country (including Colchester) who went to help.

Another hole in that Tory Blue Wall!

Lib Dems - the national choice for those who want more decent, honest, competent politics. We are the local choice also, to run our Council again from May 22, to send a message to Westminster that Colchester demands better.      



We deserve better

Shame on them - Tory Rule Breakers 

We all should expect better.  But we have a Conservative Government that is led by people who don't care about rules, standards, or being straight. 

Their 'facts' are flexible: what they say they are. Uproar is 'just a storm in a tea cup'.  Not to us. 

Standards matter.  We know we should put principle, promise, duty first. So should they.

Local Party AGM


Our Members and Supporters Matter

Each year we elect those who help run our Local Party.  To set the policies, select the candidates, pay the bills, campaign for a better Colchester and stand up for our inclusive and liberal values. Our Annual General Meeting on 4 December 1230 is another opportunity to join, or elect or help that executive team. If a member you should have heard earlier this month by email or letter. But if not, or if missed, and you want more details contact our Secretary Kieron Franks or any Councillor, candidate or member of the Lib Dem team. 

Working for a better Colchester

Colchester's Positive Party

We are still here! No longer leading Colchester Borough Council. But pleased we have helped shape our town for better. From our much praised support to business and those shielding. To great projects we supported or helped get underway, arriving this year.    

From the re-opening of the Mercury ..

To the arrival of parklets in the High Street .. 

And the fantastic new Sports Park ..

While past plans mature and deliver your Lib Dems continue to look to the future and if the voters agree to once again seek the best we can for our town and borough. From heritage to facilities to working, living or visiting Colchester. Care and help for those most in need

A Lib Dem Summer

Summer Days

Warming up our Mag Hall HQ

Talking to residents

Honouring past Lib Dem service


Proud of our Liberal traditions and diversity

All of us - working Hard - behind the scenes

Planning for a yet better future

FirstSite triumph - Museum of the Year

A fantastic 10th birthday present!

Great to see FirstSite success named as 'Museum of the Year'. A huge achievement. Their great outreach work, helping thousands, making themselves accessible and inviting.  We salute Sally Shaw and her team. Wonderful work. 

We are proud to have helped lay past foundations. Lib Dem led administrations helped fund this iconic building. Support since has helped the Mercury and the Arts Centre, two other great parts of a thriving local scene. A forward looking approach that makes Colchester inviting, and special.   

Consensus and Campaigns

A legacy we MUST keep secure

Good to see continuity as our Tory successors follow policies and plans set in train by the last Lib Dem led administration. Those plans commanded widespread support.  They still do. 

A great legacy.  Including a 'town deal' that will benefit many. A priority for the environment, from no mow to wilding and tree planting. One of the best recycling and waste services in the country.  Investments in social and affordable housing and great leisure facilities. Negotiating for a Colchester Youth Zone as transformational for life chances. 

To keep this secure we need to win back control.  We hope to be back in the town hall if the voters agree next May. But we do not take that for granted.  It will be a tough fight we will take to Tory heartlands across Colchester.

We take heart from great new candidates and the support of the public.  We will do all we can, with your help and support. To make sure that what matters most is kept safe. And that our legacy, of an award winning well run and led Council remains here to serves our residents well and to look out for those most in need.  

Our Children Their Future

Lib Dems BATTLE for better

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'Robust but fair' Opposition

Pride in our legacy - Determined to return!

Lib Dem led control of Colchester has come to a close. But as the Conservatives take over the Lib Dems and their Labour allies sign up on a 'progressive agreement' to hold them to account.  

Lib Dems know we leave the Tories with a great legacy. An award winning Council. That helped so many through the pandemic. And helped save many businesses and jobs. 

We leave behind great plans. For the future and the 'town deal'. For a Youth Zone that will transform the lives of thousands. And a great record on the environment. 

We will fight for those causes. As a robust fair opposition. We will serve our residents well by fighting their corner, for jobs, investment, a better town and a continued care for those most in need. 

Independents Change Again

Highwoods Independents Join Tory Cabinet

Colchester election count, Charter Hall..Gerard and Beverley Oxford.

Lib Dems still 2nd largest party on Borough and County Councils

Progressive parties and the Independents had more of the vote and seats but with the three votes of the Oxford family, their post election move across means control of Colchester Council appears to have switched to the Conservatives. 

Lib Dems and partners will be in opposition, after 13 years running Colchester.  We will learn from what did not work well, but remember our successes.  We have invested widely and wisely, have been generous in our support for those who help others, and the most vulnerable and leave behind an award-winning Council that serves residents well.

Now we must regroup, be an effective opposition and prepare for the future. Huge thanks to residents who, despite the Tory tide, supported so many of our candidates and Councillors. 

Results 2021

Lib Dems and Partners stand firm

Tory 'Blue Wave' proves insufficient!

Lib Dems lead the current ruling coalition, with Labour. Together they went into Thursday’s poll holding 24 seats.  When the results were counted, they still hold 23, Lib Dems still one ahead of Labour at 12 to 11 with the Greens up one seat to 2.  Conservatives ended the night unchanged with 23 seats in the Borough Council.

To great Lib Dem winners like Martin Goss, Mike Hogg and Lyn Barton a huge 'well done' and to David King a welcome in taking over from Anne Turrell in our other County seat. 

We were all thrilled to see Mark Cory and Michelle Burrows elected, they pulled off an extraordinary double win at Wivenhoe for County and Borough. But all Lib Dems will be sad to see the loss of New Town and Christ Church and John Baker at County and the near miss by Paul Williams after a great campaign at Stanway.

But, progressives continue to hold the majority of seats and the popular vote across Colchester!  And to be a strong opposition to the Tories at the County Council.  

To every candidate, supporter and resident thank you.  We will be looking now with care at the results and our next steps.  


For Colchester's Future Vote Lib Dem on May 6th

Every Vote Counts!


Vote for a Lib Dem led Colchester

Our Colchester Borough priorities include help for young people, support to local jobs and the environment, from woodland planting and bio-diversity support to climate change action and keeping as much as we can of 'the Wick' for future generations, as a country park or nature reserve.

With your support we will continue to make a difference for better.  Council Tax support for those most in need. Grants for charities and those who help others. High quality swift advice and support. Award winning services for all. Care for others and the environment.  Challenging the Conservatives and their cuts at the County Council. Holding them to account. getting the best any can for Colchester.  

For great local candidates working for you all year Vote Lib Dem on May 6th - Colchester's future depends on it. 


Lib Dem Manifesto 2021 Launched!

Here for us all - all year long

Some of YOUR great local Lib Dem Candidates 

Gathering Socially Distanced!

Colchester Lib Dems have launched their 2021 Manifesto for the County and Borough Council. 

Vote Lib Dem for the County Council - we will fight against the £46 million pounds cuts by the Conservative administration, focus on providing better care for the elderly, continue to provide free school meals and fight for our libraries.

Vote Lib Dem for Colchester Borough Council and we will continue to lead an award-winning Council.  We will ensure all essential services are maintained. We will continue to invest in the town. Our top priorities to include a Colchester Youth Zone as a huge step change for better for youth services and the life chances of our young people. 

Local Party Chair David King said ‘We will continue to invest, to champion woodland planting and biodiversity and the Wick, places to walk and cycle safely and the health of economy.  Businesses know how much we have helped them through hard times and that we are here to help them through recovery, and those they employ' 

Leader of the Council Mark Cory said ‘Colchester has delivered for it’s residents during Covid. Helping many people to stay safe and well, while running essential services. We have a strong record, despite government cuts and the pandemic, Colchester shines bright. We will continue to ensure Colchester remains a great place to work, live and visit, improving our environment and quality of life and looking after those most in need'.

Vote for Colchester Lib Dems, for great candidates. Living locally. 

May be an image of 2 people, people standing and text that says 'VOTE FOR A FAIRER COUNTRY. VOTE LIBERAL DEMOCRAT Û X'

Here for You - All Year Long

BATTLE lines drawn for the elections on May 6.

Colchester Borough Council is led by Lib Dems and run by a coalition of the Liberal Democrats and Labour.  We want to keep it that way, for the good of Colchester.  To do so we have to HOLD our seats and ideally WIN others. Here are OUR great candidates:

  • Berechurch - Mick Spindler 
  • Castle - Martin Gillingham
  • Greenstead - Chantelle-Louise Whyborn
  • Highwoods - Kieron Franks
  • Lexden and Braiswick  Sandra Culham
  • Marks Tey and Layer - Mark Hull 
  • Mersea and Pyefleet - Susan Waite
  • Mile End - Martin Goss*
  • New Town and Christ Church - Catherine Spindler
  • Old Heath and Hythe - Soban Asghar
  • Prettygate - John Loxley   
  • Rural North - Will Brown 
  • Shrub End - Lyn Barton *
  • St Anne’s and St John’s - Mike Hogg *
  • Stanway - Paul Williams
  • Tiptree - Jennifer Stevens
  • Wivenhoe - Michelle Burrows

6 May sees two other elections. For Police Fire and Crime Commissioner and Jon Whitehead.

And for elections to the County Council. To all of our dedicated, hard working candidates for County, our huge thanks also:

  • Abbey - Peter Schrami
  • Constable - Will Brown
  • Drury - Isobel Merry
  • Maypole - Tony Emment
  • Mersea - Susan Waite
  • Mile End & Highwoods - David King
  • Parsons Heath - John Baker *
  • Stanway & Pyfleet - Lesley Scott-Boutell
  • Wivenhoe - Mark Cory

All of our great Councillors* and candidates bring something special - a belief in better.

In values and care and support to our fellow citizens.  In help to those most in need, in a fair tolerant and progressive society, in great services and care for residents.  Thank you!  For all you do. All year. 

Vote Lib Dem on 6 May!


We ARE different to the Tories

THINKING how to vote on May 6th?

We can be different to the Tories - and BETTER!

On Europe.  Not picking a fight. Not breaking international law. Not damaging our export industries. Accepting Brexit but working to create a new and better relationship. To really be 'friends and partners'

On Vaccine ID passports 'As the party of civil liberties and personal freedoms, Liberal Democrats rejected Labour’s attempted introduction of ID cards under Tony Blair. We see no reason now why we should accept the vaccine ID cards of Michael Gove and Boris Johnson'  Ed Davey Lib Dem Leader

Racial injustice is real – and we will keep fighting it

On Race.  Not selectively taking facts that suit the Government - but accepting despite improvements that 'Racial injustice is real – and we will keep fighting it' The Liberal Democrat response to the report of the Government’s Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities.

South East RCN 💙 (@SouthEastRCN) | Twitter

On those in need.  They are our priority. We will not reduce the scope or quality of our award winning Council services.  We will continue to help those most in need, from help with Council Tax to paying the Living Wage.

For our progressive values drive us.  We will help those who help us - like Nurses.  We will do all we can to safeguard a fair and free and open society, for all, in which we combat ignorance and champion the freedom, dignity and well-being of individuals and wider communities.

Vote Liberal Democrat on 6 May.  Be different. Be proud to want better.  

The Tories and Nurses

Voters Deserve Better

Another Election Ahead

Electors soon will have the opportunity to vote in local elections, after last year's postponement.  It will be a choice that should be about who best can deliver essential services, improvement, the best for the health and well being of local communities and our environment.  Lib Dems have a great track record, support for those in need and help for all.  

Voting Lib Dem here keeps alive our wider voice and influence over national decisions, despite the distortions of the voting system Lib Dems punch above their weight.  A fairer system would have given us 75 seats!  But we still influence the national debates for better, from social care to the needs of those struggling, to the benefits of good relationships internationally and inclusion at home.  

In Colchester our strong record as a Lib Dem led Council and our strong Liberal traditions in Colchester mean we can ensure you are heard. Politics in Colchester more fairly reflects what people want.  An alliance of progressives, Liberal led. 

Vote Liberal Democrat in this next local election and ensure your voice is heard, for change, for better here and across the country. 

Welcome for a New St Nics Square

Strong Support for St Nicholas Square changes

Great to see a warm welcome from most for the proposed  new public realm at St Nicholas Square.


Positive and constructive public Q&A session. And over 500 survey responses so far​.  Over 80% say they support or strongly support the Lib Dem led Council proposals and 20% support.  But some great questions and issues we will pick up together with the project team.  Fingers crossed for planning approvals and work this spring, and cafe culture and a lovely piazza and place to walk, sit eat or drink later this summer.  ​

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