Award Winning CBC

Award Winning Colchester

Lib Dem led Colchester Borough Council keeps winning national awards.  CBC is not the biggest. But it is one of the best run.  Reviewers note high performance, standards others would struggle to match, praise and awards.   
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Ed Davy Wins

The Clear Winner!

Lib Dem's New Leader Sir Ed Davy

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Meeting the Challenge

World's largest printer of money is running out of money




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Welcome Back Colchester

Always Here to Help


Small and Micro Businesses are vital to our local economy.  They employ thousands.  They in turn shop, spend and support others.

So it is fantastic news that the Lib Dem led Council has been able to release over £1M of discretionary business grants to another 130 businesses.

This is critically important help. To get them through this financial and health crisis.  For many this is make or break.  We are pleased to help them all, and thousands of others. and the many jobs they provide. 

We ARE here to help those in need. To help business and the many they employ and their employees to open their doors.  Safely.  With less traffic congestion and air pollution in the High Street.  Pedestrian friendly.  Covid secure. 

And to continue to help the vulnerable, supporting the thousands still being shielded, or seeking benefits advice and help to see them, their families and our many communities through to better times. 

Your Lib Dem led Council, one of the most effective in the country. We will weather the storm. Together. Alongside those we serve. Always here to help, encourage, enable and make it happen. #Welcome back Colchester

Opening Up Colchester

Ready for Retail Therapy!?

Retail opens up Monday after an impressive effort by the local Councils with the support of local businesses.

Lots to see. Time for us to stretch our legs. Take a bus. Cycle. Take a car to the car parks.  Huge efforts have been made to keep us safe and visiting enjoyable.

Your Lib Dem led Council. Working with partners. And business. To bring life back to our town, to keep jobs. To help us all to venture out, to enjoy the shops and parks and history of our great town.  Welcome back!

Shielding and Caring Communities

Proud of Our People!

Great work from the Lib Dem led Council.

Working with partners. Helping those in most need.  Helping the vulnerable through the crisis.

Some of the many examples of work with and through partners:

  • Support to the Shielding - 76,416 phone calls, texts, visits
  • 20,000 leaflets printed and dropped advising residents of services available to support them
  • Making sure that some 2,400 households have enough food and medicines 


Coordinating over 300 volunteers through Community 360 with hundreds more active in communities


Helping meet Food Bank demand
Collecting and delivering over 60 prescriptions a week
Making over 300 weekly befriending calls through One Partners

And much more, from access to translated materials to helping get residents on line, from access to poems and art packs to 'signposting' residents to other sources of help and support.

Thank you to our teams, staffs, leadership and partners.

The New Normal!

Looking Forward to Coming Back!

Lock Down is easing. This is important. For jobs and things to do. For mental and physical health - and the health of our local economy!

Your Lib Dem led Council is deeply involved in those 'Covid Secure' discussions.

To make sure returning to shop, explore and eventually to eat and drink and meet up, is safe and enjoyable. 

Great progress has been made, with partners to help those in need, the 'shielded' and the vulnerable and to help businesses and jobs return after the crisis!

Over £30M in business grants has been provided, helping thousands of employees and customers.  Now we have secured a further £1.7M for Council discretionary grants of up to £10,000 to help those businesses who 'fell between the cracks' and those they employ.  This is great news for a great and vibrant town - that will return to a new normal slowly - starting 15 June.  

It will take time for every store to open but be confident that our Lib Dem led Council partnerships will help them revive and open safely, keeping the best of recent times, to make it easier to walk and cycle, and keep that cleaner air!

Play your part. Help us help others. Take care.  Enjoy every step towards more usual times.  

Recovery Road

Moving On From Lock Down

Our Lib Dem led Council has made great progress with partners. To help the vulnerable, to help business with grants and funds and advice. Now they must plan for the future.  We have to move on from closure and in a safe way give confidence to consumers and start up the local economy.  Recovery work has started. The plans are being drawn up - for us and business.

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Supporting You

The Liberal Democrat led council has been working hard to support you!

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Join us in saying thank you to our NHS.

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